Toronto - Canada Solar Home Project.

Energo worked with Mr. John Franklin to deliver a solar PV installation on his property in Toronto.

“...I am ecstatic to be an owner of a MicroFIT solar project. I not only feel that I am a direct contributor to improving the environment, but I am also convinced that this is a financially viable project for the long-term...”John Franklin

“...Energo team has been a reliable renewable energy developer. I valued their professional approach to dealing with all the details of our community energy generation project.

I highly recommend the Company and would encourage everyone to consider working with Energo...”Marta Healy

A few words about us

Global views on energy policy are changing. Energo is embracing this change.

Inspired by changes in energy policy Energo Enterprises is working to enable positive changes in energy generation and consumption. Our Company co-ordinates with local governments, energy companies, manufacturers and customers to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards.

Sustainable future energy generation.

As fuel prices escalate and environmental problems become more apparent, energy efficiency and solar renewable energy present practical options for property owners to reduce energy bills and invest in long term sustainability.Read more

Why Energo?

We are passionate about our work. We strive for best solutions. We offer choice.

Energo believes in the viability of renewable energy. We generate solutions that are financially and technically sounds. Our portfolio of solutions can be provided through several options. Specifically we enable customers to participate in renewable energy development projects via: